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30 November 1999


This new combined oral contraceptive pill contains 30mg ethinylestradiol and a new progestogen, drospirenone. Drospirenone has anti-androgenic activity (like progesterone) and antimineralocorticoid activity (unlike most other progestogens). Its claims, therefore, include no associated weight gain and a positive effect on premenstrual symptoms and skin conditions.

Femseven Sequi

Merck have now added Femseven Sequi to their flexible dose range of transdermal oestrogen patches, making this the first weekly, sequential, combined patch for perimenopausal women. The patches contain 50mg oestradiol and 10mg levonorgestrel in the combined patches.


Crinone, the only licensed progesterone preparation (vaginal gel) for use in combination with oestrogen, for endometrial protection, has been temporarily withdrawn by the manufacturer. The only other progesterone product available for women with progestogen intolerance, is Cyclogest suppositories.


As of 7th October 2002 the product licence for Efamast (gamolenic acid derived from Evening Primrose Oil) has been withdrawn, due to lack of efficacy to support its use in the treatment of mastalgia (breast pain). The same also applies to Epogam which was licensed for the treatment of eczema in children and adults.

Evening Primrose Oil will still be available from health food shops for those who wish to take it as a dietary supplement. The recommendation in the CMO's update 34 is for patients taking Epogam and Efamast to have the management of their treatment reviewed at their next routine check.

Product pricing

Good news for the budgets - Novo Nordisk have significantly dropped the prices of some of their HRT preparations e.g. Vagifem is now ?6.57 (previously ?14.62), Kliofem and Kliovance are both now ?5.15.

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