Yorkshire Menopause Group
Cardiovascular disease 01 October 2001
Further evidence that HRT may not be as cardio-protective as previously thought;

  1. More inf... more »
Alzheimer's disease 01 October 2001
Despite a number of large scale observational studies suggesting a reduction in incidence of Alzheimer's disea... more »
Ovarian cancer 01 October 2001
Postmenopausal HRT may increase ovarian cancer mortality.

This large-scale, observational study, of... more »
HRT and teeth 01 October 2001
HRT may prevent tooth loss.

A review of 20 papers, published between 1980 and 1998, found that 47% ... more »
Osteoporosis 01 October 2001
  1. Low bone mineral density associated with decreased risk of breast cancer

    Intrigu... more »
Breast cancer 01 October 2001
Folate reduces postmenopausal breast cancer related to alcohol consumption.

The risk of breast canc... more »
The menopause, HRT and eyes 01 October 2001
Early menopause may increase the risk of open-angle glaucoma.

The association between age at menopa... more »
Oestrogen implants 01 October 2001
Psychological effects of continued versus discontinued oestrogen therapy by implants.

The effec... more »
Non-hormonal treatment options 01 October 2001
Venlafaxine for hot flushes.

Hot flushes can be a major problem in many women who either choose not... more »
Recurrent vaginal thrush 01 October 2001
Prolonged antifungal course may be warranted for recurrent vaginal thrush.

A recent study conducted... more »
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